Guillaume is a contemporary artist and goldsmith who lives and works between Dublin, Ireland and Montpellier, France.
He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Les Beaux-Arts de Montpellier, Art school based in France.
He is passionate in photography and likes all subjects related to light, natural or artificial. It could be the way we use light in our modern society on our buildings, to light up a room or our streets. It’s an ancient subject, undeniably linked to us and our ability to view the world.
With different artwork, he tries to create an hypothesis that the act of photography, taking pictures can influence our perception.
Looking into the camera viewfinder, framing alone what is surrounding you is interesting for him, more then the final picture resulting in the shot.
Scientific research, processes and topics inspired his work. We know that scientists use artistic views to represent concepts and theories. Guillaume uses the same approach to show sometimes his opposite or his own fiction.
Today, we are overloaded with pictures. They all deliver a message, even sometimes without our acknowledgement.
Like many of us, Guillaume is occupied with his daily life but takes the time to think about questions which are possibly left in oblivion. He tries to answer some of these questions through his work.
The same geometric shape which is an unperfected round or circle is displayed or often represented in his art work. He uses various mediums like photography, drawing, metals or installation.
When Guillaume speaks about his work he is neither in front or behind the camera, but directly inside the mechanism.
For the last few years he was fascinated by black, as a colour or lack of light, which brought him to a question.
Do colours exist if we do not look at them?